Tasik Beris, Kedah

Dormitory Leadership Camp

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficent.

As a lifetime learner, I have had joined a number of leadership camps organised by schools and universities and the experience from all these camps are varies from one another. Among many camps I had attended and be a part of the committees, I remembered the most challenging are those I am not mentally prepared for. Definitely, Mahallah (Dormitory) Training for Trainers is one of the most challenging camps so far and it was islands hopping cum kayaking programme for three straight days in Kedah.

In theory, all trainers are briefed for two days ahead before the actual camp on the procedures and SOP. Hence, the sessions were fruitful as the team members get to know each other characteristics through discussions and activities. On top of that I believed that the objective was achieved as the committees main objective is push potential leaders to stand out and be idealist during troubled times. It was a week later when we put our theories into practices and went to the camp which was held at Tasik Beris on 7th March to 10th March 2019. Thus, comes the awaiting day which we were warmly welcome by the professional guide Mr Adnan Ali and his team.

The first thing I realized that the camp will be a hard one when I was partnered with a person who is a totally opposite of me. It hits me hard especially when I want my team to be the best team and win the overall performance. My expectation crushed right on day one, when we were at the nearly bottom place for kayaking. It was then I realized that leadership does not mean you win in every game or become a champion but on how you manage a situation and overcome it. Thus, I decided to focus on our strengths and changed the strategy.

A short visit to Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah, Kedah

All trainers were tested during cooking time and this is the time where all the she-alphas started to show up and show off their cooking skills. Almost everyone was eager to take charge and do their best in gaining points from our conductor and flaunt their hidden skills which were concealed in university. Again, the most experience cooks shined and awe other trainers with their amazing tips and tricks for ingredients substitution and handles dents knives. To our surprise that night, Mr Adnan proved that man can cook better than us when they served us with a feast of fresh seafood and rice, grilled and steamed from charcoal.

In general, I learned that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some may excel at major discipline and others are excels at minor discipline. Not everyone can become world leaders, top corporate leaders, governors, chancellors and other famous designation jobs, however everyone can become the best in their fields and soar high in their forte. Itqan which means excellence or precision is the main purpose of a quality product. As leaders, we produce excellence quality of work in everything we do. The best is not being a top ranking leaders, but to contribute and never give up in pursuing our dreams. We are humans and surviving in this challenging world has been a thing since the past.

We have been sustaining from Stone Age and are destined to be caliphs. We are competitive, initiative and extraordinary people coming from all backgrounds to seek knowledge and are living in an advanced technology world. The obstacles from this camp not only sharpen our leadership skills but made us see things from rural ways, the difficulties we had overcome should be celebrated and put the agony of small failures behind. After all, I am glad and fortunate to be presented with a tremendous opportunity to be a committee of this programme.

Finally, from this training we had uncovered latent talents, restore our bonds (ukhuwwah), nurture empathy and more imperatively to relook at many things we have taken for granted. MT4T not only succeed in producing outstanding leaders but also educate us to appreciate and respect differences which can be applied in the diversity community and that made this camp a meaningful experience.

Last day of camp.

Singning off,




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Hufaizah Hamid

Hufaizah Hamid


An avid lifelong learner. Bachelor of Arts in History and Civilization (Class of 2019), Master in Educational Administration (Class of 2023).