Heat haze everywhere

Human beings fighting anywhere

All is fog in the air

Everyone, is claiming fair

Hear me O my heir

Death is here, near by hair

Stay closer to the lair

Hold in, do your share

Be brave when in fear

Hang in there O warrior

Never quit if they disappear

Be the best as end is near

Final days of an old lion, once was a true king.

(Courtesy: Google Image)

If I live or I die,

If I eat or I sick,

If I learn or I lost,

Do you even pay heed?

Expectation will break,

Relationship will fade,

Your treasures will be weighed,

Nothing remained after you are dead.

Kindness is gold,

Truth will be told,

Wisdom is hard,

When you are not in luck.

Love and live,

Let go and don’t hold it in,

Life is a beautiful journey,

Once you understand the meaning.

Life is challenging.

Love can be a struggle,

Family can be an enemy,

Being a woman is hard,

In your hand, make it bustling,

Like a rainbow after a scotch mist.

Tasik Beris, Kedah

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficent.

As a lifetime learner, I have had joined a number of leadership camps organised by schools and universities and the experience from all these camps are varies from one another. Among many camps I had attended and be a part of the committees, I remembered the most challenging are those I am not mentally prepared for. Definitely, Mahallah (Dormitory) Training for Trainers is one of the most challenging camps so far and it was islands hopping cum kayaking programme for three straight days in Kedah.

In theory, all…

Hufaizah Hamid

An avid lifelong learner. Bachelor of Arts in History and Civilization (Class of 2019), Master in Educational Administration (Class of 2023).

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